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Project Description


Extended Range Hawker 800SP


Your health and safety is our top priority when you board our Air Ambulance.   Operated by experienced crews, both in aviation and medical healthcare, our medical team of certified professionals is ready for your critical-care needs.  With registered nurses and paramedics, this staff is certified in advanced life support and emergency care settings.

Our team of professionals is certified in: Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Critical Care Transport (CCT), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), as well as the treatment of respiratory emergencies.

The Air Ambulance is a Hawker 800SP with winglets for added range.   It comes fully equipped with a custom stretcher base, enclosed suction canister, illuminated control panel, separate power controls for dual air compressors and vacuum pumps.  It has two supply drawers, a single-level stretcher and suction regulator control.  It also comes with four 115 VAC/60 Hz electrical outlets, two oxygen and compressed air (DISS) connections, and three “E” size oxygen or air cylinders.


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